Cyber insurance

Comprehensive Cyber & Network Liability insurance

Who should buy this coverage?
Retail and wholesale establishments that accept credit card transactions-online and offline
Service occupations, such as printers, accountants, lawyers, etc
Financial service firms including banks, insurance agents and mortgage brokers
Medical offices, pharmaceutical companies and other healthcare service providers
Any company that stores their employees’ non-public private information on a network needs cyber insurance


Your computer, mobile phone or Tablets can be hacked without you knowing it.  A hack will put you out of business.  Worst of all, you personally may be financially responsible! 


An employee inadvertently downloads a destructive computer virus that spreads to other files housed on your computer network. Your client downloads information from your Web site, allowing the virus to spread to the client's computer system and resulting in widespread loss of data and a computer network shutdown. Your client sues you, contending you should have prevented transmission of the virus. The client seeks damages for the lost data and economic loss caused by the network shutdown. 

2nd Example

 A Web site development company provides creative and maintenance services for their customers’ Internet, Intranet, and Extranet activities. In the process of creating a customer’s Web site, the company develops a new corporate logo for the Web site. A third party later alleges that this corporate logo infringes upon their own trademark and misleads consumers, creating market confusion. A suit is filed by this third party for infringement of trademark .

 Claim Expenses: $50,000 / Indemnity Paid:  $175,000

A reasonable Insurance policy would cover your business and let you sleep at night.

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